Breast Cancer and the Need for Early Detection


The True Tale:

Cancer cells viciously attack the human body. They are insidious and unless stopped early will invade the nodes that nature has provided as a defense mechanism to meet the invasion of this brutal force. Cancer cells are an enemy whose sole function is to multiply as they continue their evil course. Their goal? To destroy every human organ in their path. Cancer’s spread, or metastasis, represents a foreign force that overwhelms the beachhead of weaker defenders.

How can this villainous army be destroyed? World-renowned scientists have made some progress, assisted by their domestic and global research. But the fierce battle continues despite the many tools employed by those who never rest in their quest to defeat breast cancer. And while there is some diversity within the scientific community as to what is most effective in the development of a final cure, there is almost universal agreement that early detection of breast cancer cells is of paramount significance.

The first tool to be utilized is self-examination to feel for lumps in the breast or any other strange physical or sensory change. Next is a mammogram that must be interpreted correctly by a highly trained breast-radiologist within the accepted medical standard of care. Further, there should be a biopsy of the suspicious area to rule out the presence of any malignant cells. Any delays in any component of the investigation process can provide cancer cells with an open door to perform their depraved and nefarious business. This is precisely why action to fight off any cancer attack must always be correct, swift, and early. A medical error in failing to timely diagnose and treat breast cancer can easily rise to the legal definition of Medical Malpractice.

Finz & Finz, P.C. is a strong advocate for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer and has successfully represented hundreds of women who have contracted this horrifying condition.

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Leonard L. Finz, age 95, is a decorated WWII veteran (1st Lt., Field Artillery, Philippines), a former New York State Supreme Court Justice, Peer-Reviewed as “One of America’s Preeminent Lawyers”, and the Founder of Finz & Finz, P.C.

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