Boating Accidents During Summer Recreation


A man and his daughter were injured in a boating accident in an Arizona lake in July when the boat suddenly lurched forward and started moving, after having come to a dead stop minutes earlier. The child became entangled in a rope on board, and the father lost his hand while trying to assist his daughter. While this type of accident doesn’t involve the presence of another boat or recreational vehicle, it does leave a case for possible product malfunction and liability.

Boating accidents occur all the time, primarily in the summer when everyone takes to the water during good weather. Along with boating comes drinking, reckless boating, people falling overboard, inexperienced operation of boats and more. Many boating accidents result in fatalities. Primary accidents include falling overboard, or collisions between boats, or between the boat and a person in the water. Boating accidents are serious, and many of those involved in boating accidents are never recovered from, or found in, the treacherous or murky waters.

If you are a passenger or operator of a recreational boat, here are some things to keep in mind to have safety on your side:

  • Always be sure the operator is a licensed operator; never allow an underage person to operate the vehicle.
  • Wear life vests at all times while on board and near the dock.
  • Refrain from drinking on board, or riding a boat where someone has been drinking.
  • Avoid excessive speeds while operating the boat.
  • Watch for swimmers and other obstacles in the water that could collide with the boat.

In the case above, where the man and his daughter became entangled in a rope that was on board when the boat suddenly took off, the lesson is that ropes and other elements on the boat should be clear from any paths and away from the feet and hands of any passengers on board. What caused the boat to lurch forward suddenly? Was there an issue with the gas line, brake or acceleration? It may take months to determine the exact cause of this particular accident, once the boat manufacturer is contacted to be a part of this case.

If you have been injured in a boating accident, you know that your recreation comes to a complete halt. Your first stop is to enlist the assistance of an attorney in New York who can help you with your case.

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