Boat Accidents: The Boating Season


When school dismisses for Summer break and the weather warms, more and more people are drawn to outside activities. And the warmer it gets, the more people want those activities to include the refreshing breezes and cooling dips associated with lakes, beaches, and other water attractions.

Boating is a popular way to enjoy the water, a way for people to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather of Spring and Summer. Boats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there is a boat that can accommodate almost any size group and almost any activity.

Boats have historically been a mostly safe activity for the entire family. But the recent spate of boat accidents can’t help but make a person wonder whether something is different this year than in years past. Recent incidents include:

  • A May 25th incident in Lathrop, CA that left one child dead and four injured
  • A May 16th accident in Port Sheldon, MI that left a 23 year old man dead
  • A May 10th incident in Lake Martin, AL where a 15 year old was knocked overboard and struck by the boat propeller
  • A May 9th incident in Berlin Township, OH where two boats crashed, leaving a local doctor dead
  • Two deaths in two separate incidents in Roanoke County less than a week apart in early May

This is just a small sample of the boating accidents that occurred just in May. Most of these incidents are still under investigation, but investigators are yet to rule out mechanical failure in many of these boating accidents. Boats, like cars, must have regular maintenance to remain safe. But even if you keep completely up-to-date on necessary maintenance, there is no guarantee that something cannot go terribly wrong with your boat.

Some boating accidents are caused by driver error. But many boat accidents are caused by defects in design or manufacture, or by irresponsible behavior by another boater. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a boat accident, it is important you contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Only a qualified attorney can help you determine whether the accident was caused by negligence.

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