Blood Clots: In Great Shape


For some reason, many people seem to think that you bring disease on yourself. No matter what your diagnosis, there are some people who claim that your lifestyle is the reason for your sickness. If you suffer from blood clots, you have probably heard hundreds of times from dozens of people that it’s somehow your own fault.

The recent surge in blood clot diagnoses among professional athletes should make it very clear that your lifestyle has little to do with whether or not you develop this disease. Just in the last few months, some very famous people have not only been diagnosed with blood clots, but have been forced to miss entire seasons of their sport. These athletes include:

  • Chris Bosh, the forward for the Miami Heat, whose blood clots might be linked to dehydration
  • Megan Henry, the Olympic athlete who believes her blood clots were caused by use of the NuvaRing
  • Mirza Teletovic, a player for the Brooklyn Nets who has developed blood clots in his lungs

It is clear that being in amazing shape is no protection against blood clots. It is equally clear that there is no one common cause as to why people develop them. Sometimes, like with Bosh, it might be linked to another medical condition. Sometimes, like with Megan Henry, blood clots are caused by medications. And sometimes, as with Mirza Teletovic, no one knows what causes the blood clots to form.

Early diagnosis of blood clots is key to their treatment. Celebrities like Bosh have whole medical teams devoted to their care, but the rest of us are not so lucky. All too often our doctors don’t diagnose us quickly, or even prescribed the medication that led to our disease. If you or someone you love has suffered because of a missed blood clot diagnosis, please contact a qualified attorney to help you take the proper steps to protect yourself and your family.

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