Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Linked to Metallosis


Metallosis is a devastating condition caused by the build-up of small metal particulates in the soft tissues of the body. Because the condition is most often associated with the breakdown of metal joint implants, it is not yet well understood, as these medical devices have not been in use long enough to track the progression of the disease over long periods of time.

Though associated with all types of metal joint implants, metallosis is most often being discovered in patients who underwent hip surgery. Hip implants tend to be larger than wrist or other joint implants, offering greater metal surface area to grind down into particulates. The hip is also subject to greater stress and force than the wrist or other small joints.

The Smith & Nephew Birmingham Hip Resurfacing model is one of many metal-on-metal implants to be associated with this devastating illness. These models all share a few key aspects, including the use of a metal ball and a metal socket. This design was supposed to offer greater durability, but has actually been associated with earlier failure than previous models.

Though hip implants can fail catastrophically, particularly if the joint is subject to significant trauma, wear-and-tear failure is more common, particularly with metal-on-metal models. The wear-and-tear is also the cause of the release of small metal particulates into the body, resulting in inflammation and other long-lasting side effects.

Time will tell what full terrible effects metallosis has on the body. Patients suffering from this syndrome have already reported headaches, body pain, and difficulties with the eye. If you or someone you love is suffering from metallosis, and you believe a metal implant may be the cause, it is important that you help contribute to the growing body of medical knowledge. Please consult with an experienced attorney about your case. A qualified lawyer can guide you through the process of getting the compensation you are entitled to.

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