Bicycle Accidents: Wearing A Helmet To Protect Against Injury


As parents, we worry about our kids any time they venture from home, from little ones riding a bike to a friend’s house, to older ones embarking on their first major off-road adventure. Their safety is our main concern. Many kids may have even received bikes this holiday season. After all, a two-wheeler is a right of passage for those who graduate from training wheels to a bigger and better style of transportation. And, biking continues to be a recreation sport for adults as we purchase mountain bikes of various styles and features. The more expensive the better.

In addition to features that make the bike safer, one accessory remains to be paramount in the prevention of injuries: the helmet. Helmets remain one of the most effective protections we can use for ourselves and instill in the minds of our children. Providing this example may help our children realize that a helmet should be worn every time a bike is used, no matter how close or far the destination. Yet, even though we should be setting an example, many of us refuse to wear a helmet, for whatever reason. We think it might look silly. We can’t find one that looks good. Or we feel that nothing will happen on a short ride to the park, or on a well-known trail. Sadly, we becomes careless in our advocacy for accident prevention.

In 2010, 429 bicyclists who were killed were not wearing helmets. In the same year, 94 bicyclists who were wearing helmets were killed. It is easy to see that wearing a helmet increases the changes for survival, but cannot guarantee safety when other conditions are prevalent. What are some of the causes of bike accidents?

  • Rock and other material debris on the road causes the bike to slip and slide
  • A motorist does not see a cyclist when making a turn, or when riding too close to the curb
  • Lack of coordination on the part of the bicyclist who cannot recover from a sudden move
  • Not paying attention to upcoming road conditions (water, sand, uneven pavement) until it is too late

What happens when you are injured in a bicycle accident? In the case of collisions with other drivers, road debris or unsafe roads, the claim could be against the city or municipality who failed to maintain proper conditions for cycling, or if a designated bike lane was obstructed or misused. Having the support of a firm who can deal with municipalities will assist in the challenge to obtain the proper information needed to move forward with your claim.

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation today, particularly with the movement toward a healthier lifestyle. Many of us find benefit to using our bike as a primary mode of transportation. Wearing a helmet could greatly close the gap on injury.

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