Back to School: Reminders for Kids, Parents and Drivers


It is hard to believe that we’re just a little bit beyond the middle of summer and school supplies are already on the shelves of our favorite department stores and retailers. Little ones are excited to start new ventures, and older students are waiting for the day when they can scratch “graduate” off the to-do list. The start of school means more drivers and pedestrians on the roads, however, and some gentle reminders are appropriate to keep everyone in check.

Back-to-school means buses filled with un-seatbelted children are taking over the roads. Students ride their bikes or walk in groups if they live close enough to school where they can do so. Crossing guards don their reflective vests so they can guide the children across the road in a safe manner. Here are some things you can instill in your kids so that they don’t become victims of an accident while on their way to or from the school grounds. Remind your kids to:

  • Pay attention, whether walking or riding.
  • Never use a skateboard or scooter as a primary mode of transportation. We see this many times; it is not the safest mode.
  • Always get off the bike when crossing the road.
  • Mind the commands and directions of the crossing guard. Don’t run out into the street, and don’t cross the street until told to do so.
  • No talking or texting while on the way to school; distractions among walkers–young and old–are still a major cause of pedestrian accidents.
  • Look both ways when crossing the street on bike and on foot.
  • If biking, pay attention to street signs. Stop when there is a stop sign and always watch for oncoming traffic.

Sadly, despite the warnings and reminders, many children are injured by vehicles whose drivers are not paying attention in a school zone, or driving in normal traffic. While no one wants to lose a child or be a part of a statistic, we know that accidents do occur. If your child, or the child of someone you know, has been injured or killed as a result of an accident while walking or riding on the way to school, be sure to contact an attorney or law firm who is renowned for settling personal injury cases.

We don’t want you child to be come a statistic before the school year has even started. Remind them of ways to be safe, and enlist the proper assistance if you need it.

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