Airplane Accidents: When Information is Unavailable


When a US Airways jetliner crashed in Philadelphia on March 13th, 2013, the early reports indicated that a blown tire and gusting winds had caused the jet to skid off the runway. There was no reason for the nearly 150 passengers to ask any more questions. They thought they knew what had caused the accident that could have cost them their lives.

Now, nearly two years later, those passengers have learned that there was a lot more to the case than they ever knew. The only reason anyone discovered the accident was caused by pilot error and not by wind conditions and a faulty tire was that the attorney for one of the passengers, an individual who had been injured in the accident, filed a freedom of information request with the FAA that revealed an investigation into the accident indicated pilot error as the cause.

It is sad we can’t trust the FAA to provide the information willingly. After all, a person who lives through such a perilous situation should have the right to know what caused it. All too often the only way to receive important information is by knowing who to ask and how to ask them. Ways to ask include:

  • Filing a Freedom of Information Request with the proper authorities
  • Subpoenaing important and relevant documents from people and companies
  • Deposing witnesses to build a proper case

It is unreasonable to expect the average person to know the proper steps to follow to find out just what led to a particular injury or accident. If you or someone you love has been injured in a plane crash or other accident, it is important that you find a qualified attorney that knows who and how to ask. It just might be the only way you’ll ever learn what really caused the accident.

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