Aggressive Truck Drivers Put Everyone At Risk


Sharing the road with truckers can be a stressful experience for other drivers even in the best situations. But when drivers of semis and other large vehicles follow posted speed limits and stay in the right lane except when passing, there is little risk to others on the road unless a tire blows or there is a mechanical misfunction.

Unfortunately, far too many truck drivers drive far too aggressively. One of the most common forms of overly aggressive driving is unnecessarily frequent or sudden lane changes, or changing lanes without proper signaling. This type of behavior is dangerous from any driver, but even more so with a large truck, as it can be difficult for a driver in the next lane to speed up or slow down sufficiently quickly to get out of the way.

Another common form of overly aggressive driving is speeding. In many areas, trucks have a lower set speed limit than other vehicles, often 65 MPH on interstates and even lower on some other roads, particularly highways with a high grade or on winding roads. Following these speed limits is extremely important, as a truck can become impossible to navigate safely above these speeds in certain terrains.

Tailgating is another dangerously aggressive behavior by some truck drivers. Often a sign of impatience with the speed of the car in front of the truck, tailgating occurs when a truck remains too close to the back of the vehicle they are following. This is dangerous if sudden braking is necessary, particularly because trucks brake more slowly than smaller vehicles.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, and you believe an overly aggressive truck driver was at fault, it is important you follow the necessary steps to prove it. Please, consult with an experienced attorney who can help you make your case. Until truck drivers are held accountable for their dangerous driving, people’s lives and safety will continue to be at risk.

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