Accidents at Theaters and Public Venues


The 2013 December news about a ceiling cave-in at a holiday show in London brings many to the awareness that accidents like this could occur in a flash and without any type of warning. While parts of the building were in need of repair, there are many old buildings in London, other parts of the world and the United Stated. That means, there could be a chance of this type of incident no matter where you are.

Attending events at historic venues gives us the assumption that these buildings undergo routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure that all will be safe for those attending, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the venue waits until there is an incident before the staff does something about it. When attending an event at a historic venue, it is best to be aware of these issues:

  • Stay away from any areas that are taped off, or areas that say “no entry” – there may be a construction issue that needs tending even though you might not be able to see it with your own eyes.
  • Be aware of slipping and falling at any event, particularly in inclement weather situations.
  • Check for wet areas with the number of people looming in from out of the cold; it’s easy to slip and trip.
  • Watch for bunched up carpet and frayed edges inside the venue that could cause tripping. Also watch for mats outside the venue that can roll up or buckle due to the amount of foot traffic.
  • Hold handrails any time you go up or down stars; it is easy to miss the last step.

While the operators of the Apollo in London may have been surprised at the ceiling cave-in that occurred, many places of interest are kept up-to-date with routine maintenance and allow visitors to attend for years to come. If you have been injured at a public venue, seeking the advice of an attorney who knows how to communicate with staffs and operators will mean all the difference between a slow resolution to one that will leave you confident and secure.

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