A Quick Reversal for Johnson & Johnson


Just two months ago, Johnson & Johnson were declaring victory and vindication after winning a single trial in St. Louis. The company claimed momentum and that juries were beginning to believe their version of science. But any momentum was short-lived, as a Virginia jury this month saw things differently than the group in St. Louis.

After weighing the facts and the scientific evidence, the Virginia jury awarded the plaintiff a 110.5 million dollar judgment. With this decision, Johnson & Johnson has now lost three of the last four jury trials, including a 55 million dollar decision in South Dakota and a 72 million dollar decision in favor of an Alabama woman who died from cancer linked to talcum powder products.

Lawyers for large companies are always quick to tout their victories and even quicker to downplay their losses, but the clear momentum is with plaintiffs who recognize that talcum powder has been deemed carcinogenic again and again. The truth is winning, despite any attempts to spin it otherwise. It makes sense for company lawyers to dwell on their rare wins. They want to discourage other potential plaintiffs from filing lawsuits, knowing that you cannot win a lawsuit you never file. These tactics of discouragement are one of the most useful tools for big companies who are afraid they cannot win on the merits of the case.

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder products, determining whether or not your cancer might have been caused by these products is essential. An attorney experienced in these types of cases can answer your questions and provide you with guidance on how to proceed. Treating cancer is expensive and coping with cancer is difficult. If your cancer was caused by a company’s product, a qualified lawyer can help make sure that the company pays for what was done.

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