Year: 2014


When people imagine an ATV accident, many picture a high speed collision with a tree or other obstacle. Some people will imagine falling off the vehicle while riding through the dunes or after hitting a bump in the forest. While these type of incidents do occur, one of the most

Housing is back! This wonderful development is all over the news, and the uptick in construction jobs is a boon for many struggling communities. Before the Great Recession, housing was responsible for a large percentage of jobs in many towns across the country, and when housing cratered it took those

Farms remain the center of family life for many Americans all across the country. From California to upstate New York, from Texas to Wisconsin, farmers are the backbone of the country. This style of living, though nowhere near as common as it was fifty or a hundred years ago, is

It’s always good to reach for the stars. Since the earliest days of recorded history, man has dreamed of reaching beyond Earth. When that dream was finally achieved in the mid-20th Century, and especially when a man first walked on the moon, it seemed possible that one day we would

We put our absolute faith in doctors. We trust them to save our lives, to save the lives of those we love. We trust them to help us monitor our health and assist in making good choices for ourselves and our families. We put more faith in doctors than we

It sounds like a freak accident. At a construction site in New Jersey, a tape measure came loose from a worker’s belt and fell fifty stories, striking another worker on the head. Gary Anderson was rushed to the hospital but it was too late. He was pronounced dead on November

Businesses always assume new technology comes without side effects. No one paid much attention to radiation until Marie Curie suffered terribly from its effects. Companies ignored the dangers of lead in computer monitors until landfills and water supplies were poisoned. As far as the companies who created them were concerned,

Americans have mostly warmed up to the importance of bike safety. After years and years of terrible accidents, most parents insist their children wear proper safety equipment when riding a bike. Though at one time we were young and rode our bikes without head protection, we don’t let our kids.

Mass transit is all but unavoidable in big cities. There just isn’t a more affordable and efficient way to get around. Even if you own a car, parking can be expensive, and with traffic snarls there’s no guarantee you’ll get there any more quickly. For the vast majority of urban