Phase 2 Reopening Will Start Monday in NYC


NEW YORK, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that New York City will commence Phase 2 of reopening on Monday, June 22.

During a press conference on June 17, Cuomo stated that 14 days after the city entered Phase 1 the number of new coronavirus cases and hospitalizations remain below the state’s targets. He believes this indicates that the city is now ready to enter Phase 2 of reopening.

ABC 7 NY reports that Phase 2 will offer greater freedom to business owners and New Yorkers. Restaurants and bars may provide outdoor dining for their patrons and retail locations will can allow customers to shop inside their stores. Additionally, professional services, real estate offices, and administrative support providers will all be able to re-open for the first time since the start of quarantine.

Governor Cuomo’s announcement appeared to contradict New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s prediction that the city would not be ready for Phase 2 until July. Mayor de Blasio expressed concern that coronavirus numbers may still be on the rise due to the continuing protests in New York City. He also explained that the impact of Phase 1 reopening may not be clear yet because COVID-19 symptoms typically take two weeks to appear. However, a spokesperson for de Blasio reports that the mayor and the governor agree about taking this next step.

Governor Cuomo reiterated that all New Yorkers still need to act responsibly during Phase 2. To maintain a lower rate of COVID-19 spread, everyone must take protections seriously and follow state regulations about mask usage and social distancing.

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