NYC Hospitals and Group Homes Allowing Visitors


NEW YORK, NY – As COVID-19 cases continue to decline in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to allow family and friends to visit their loved ones at hospitals and group homes. However, nursing homes remain closed to visitors, according to a report by News Day.

During his press conference today, Governor Cuomo informed the public about this latest reduction in coronavirus restrictions. He explained that individual hospitals and group homes have the power to decide if they will allow visitors. However, if they choose to allow visitors, they must inform the state government of this decision.

To comply with state guidelines, hospitals and group homes that accept visitors must still adhere to COVD-19 precautions. These regulations will apply to both patients and visitors and include measures such as taking temperatures, enforcing social distancing, and requiring masks.

Although this new policy will allow many New Yorkers to visit their loved ones, nursing home residents will still have to wait to see their friends and family. Governor Cuomo said that nursing homes are “still a high risk” for the spread of coronavirus, so they will remain closed to visitors for the time being.

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker is tracking nursing home data to determine how to safely re-introduce visitors in the future. The state is currently discussing a pilot program to test the impact of allowing visitors into certain facilities.

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