NYC COVID-19 Hospitalizations Nearly Double


NEW YORK, NY – At his daily press conference today, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the daily rate of coronavirus-related hospitalizations had nearly doubled between June 2 and June 3. The mayor described the increase as “meaningful movement.”

According to de Blasio, 84 people were admitted to city hospitals Thursday, up from 48 on Wednesday. The mayor said he did not believe the recent protests could be linked to the uptick in COVID-19 hospitalizations, noting the incubation period between the contraction of the disease and the arrival of symptoms was about ten days — longer than the duration of the protests to date.

While the one-day rise in hospital admissions was concerning, other benchmarks continue to offer hope to a city that has been under strict lockdown since March 20. There were 344 ICU admissions on Wednesday, under the city’s 400-admission goal. And only 4% of new tests have yielded positives, which de Blasio described as “very good.”

The city also marked its first day without a COVID-19 death since March 12 on June 3.

New York City is set to begin a Phase One reopening on Monday, June 8, which de Blasio confirmed at his press conference today. Construction, wholesale, manufacturing, and agriculture workers will be able to return to their jobs, and retail businesses will be able to conduct curbside or in-store pickup. More restrictions will be eased in Phase Two, which should commence in July.

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