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Passengers traveling Amtrak from New York to Georgia on a quiet Sunday morning were shaken when their train crashed into a piece of construction equipment on the tracks, killing the two workers operating the machinery. The accident occurred just south of Philadelphia and less than a year after another Amtrak

Guard rails exist for a reason. Warning systems exist for a reason. Computer monitored braking systems exist for a reason. Track warnings exist for a reason. In fact, all of these things exist for the same reason, to keep people in trains safe. But despite these safety measures, terrible things

Train accidents can injure and kill people in addition to slowing travel and commerce. They become potentially more dangerous if they set off chemical explosions. Residents of Lynchburg, VA, learned about this firsthand in April 2014 when a freight train derailment destroyed three oil tankers, spewed black smoke into the

A train derailment in the Bronx recently left many wondering how something so tragic could happen on a commute that had occurred many times before. With speeds in excess of 82 miles per hour in a zone that dictated 30 miles per hour on an area of the track where

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