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As more and more cities try to minimize the environmental impact of their citizens, light rail has emerged as a reasonable alternative to buses, subways, and other traditional forms of mass transit. The startup cost is much lower than the tunneling and engineering required for a subway or elevated train.

Authorities and investigators are still trying to determine what caused a New Jersey Transit train to crash into the Hoboken station Thursday morning, killing one person and injuring more than 100 others. While one of the event recorders from the train has been recovered, the other is located in the

Passengers traveling Amtrak from New York to Georgia on a quiet Sunday morning were shaken when their train crashed into a piece of construction equipment on the tracks, killing the two workers operating the machinery. The accident occurred just south of Philadelphia and less than a year after another Amtrak

The train was going too fast. That’s all it boils down to. After the May 12th, 2015 Amtrak crash left seven dead and over two-hundred injured, there was a huge push by the media to figure out just went wrong. Countless experts were consulted, and the federal government and state

Guard rails exist for a reason. Warning systems exist for a reason. Computer monitored braking systems exist for a reason. Track warnings exist for a reason. In fact, all of these things exist for the same reason, to keep people in trains safe. But despite these safety measures, terrible things

There was no compassion. There was no attempt at empathy. There was only a blanket statement that he wasn’t supposed to be there, that he wasn’t following the rules, as if those were the important things to talk about when a man was killed. On January 18th, 2015, Work Out

The protocol was followed. When a passenger train broke down near Brentwood, Arkansas in October, a second train was sent out to provide assistance. The location of the broken down train was communicated, and it should have been as simple as responding to the situation and making sure everyone was

Train accidents can injure and kill people in addition to slowing travel and commerce. They become potentially more dangerous if they set off chemical explosions. Residents of Lynchburg, VA, learned about this firsthand in April 2014 when a freight train derailment destroyed three oil tankers, spewed black smoke into the