8 Mistakes People Make After Boating Accidents in New York

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A boating accident can be a traumatic, life-changing experience. It can be difficult to act appropriately in the immediate aftermath of the accident when your adrenaline is pumping and emotions run high. There are things that people involved in a boat accident should avoid following the accident. Doing the right things following the accident will make sure your rights are protected and any injuries are addressed. This blog will outline eight common mistakes people make after a New York boating accident and why you should avoid them.

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1) Not Calling for Help

 The first thing you should do after a boating accident is to call the authorities or get help from another boat. You can call 911, the coast guard, or local police.

2) Not Seeking Medical Treatment

 Some people try to avoid going to the doctor and instead hope that things get better. The problem with that thinking is that the insurance company is going to use that against you to try to argue that you were not seriously hurt. It’s critical that you immediately seek medical care. Once you have dealt with the authorities and ensured everyone is safe, go to an emergency room, a clinic, or see a doctor so that your injuries are treated and documented.

3) Not Preserving Evidence

Some people involved in a boating accident fail to properly preserve important evidence. Evidence can be lost quickly, and it’s important to preserve any and all evidence related to the claim. If that evidence is not preserved, it’s unlikely an attorney will be able to find it later on. Make sure pictures are snapped and all relevant physical evidence is preserved, including items on the boat that could show the extent of the injuries.

4) Not Documenting the Accident

Some people do not document what happened. It’s important in a boating accident to get law enforcement involved and have them take a report and document what occurred. If you take pictures of the accident scene and gather contact information from all involved parties and witnesses, this information could be critical later on during your injury claim.

Options for documenting a boating accident include:

  • Taking photos of where the accident happened, the conditions of the boat or boats, and any other relevant aspects of the accident scene
  • Get the names and contact information for all parties involved, including witnesses.
  • Ask those at the accident scene if anyone has any video or photo of the accident as it was happening.
  • Collect the boat registration numbers and insurance information.
  • Give your statement to the police at the scene and ask for a copy of the police report.

5) Apologizing for the Accident

Don’t incriminate yourself. If you were involved in a boating accident where people were injured, it may be tempting to apologize. It’s best not to say anything. Even if you think the boating accident was your fault, an investigation could bring up variables that you did not realize at the time of the accident.

6) Giving a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company

Do not talk to an insurance adjuster before you consult with a boating accident lawyer. Insurance companies are trained to get information from you that will help minimize your claim so that they pay less than what’s fair for the injuries that you sustained. Let your lawyer deal with those insurance professionals. Attorneys who handle boating accident cases and other personal injury cases know exactly how to deal with tricky insurance adjusters.

7) Posting Information About the Boating Accident on Social Media

Refrain from posting anything about the boating accident on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. When defense lawyer is notified of a claim, they often get on social media to try to find out any information they can glean about that person. For example, if that person posted that they went for a swim after a boating accident, they are going to use that info to say that person was not injured because of the social media post. It’s best not to post anything on social media related to the accident. It could come back to haunt you.

8) Trying to Handle The Case On Your Own

Trying to handle the boating accident claim on your own will most definitely result in you obtaining less compensation for your case. It is critical that you retain a skilled and knowledgeable boating accident lawyer to help you when you have been injured in an accident. A skilled lawyer can launch an in-depth investigation into your claim right away. An experienced attorney can also prepare you for a recorded statement if your insurance company requires it.

Some boating accident victims make the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer for their claim. You want a lawyer who has a significant area of their practice devoted to personal injury cases. You don’t want to hire a divorce attorney or tax attorney, for example, to handle your boating accident case.

Contact a New York Boat Accident Lawyer

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