Years of Investigation at Nursing Home Resulted in No Action


A horror story out of Arizona is drawing attention to the vulnerability of many individuals with advanced medical needs. Often, services for those in comas or with other significant health issues are provided in State-funded care homes. This is the standard in New York State as well as in many other places around the country, including Arizona where the incident occurred.

In this instance, a woman who had been in a coma for 14 years gave birth to a baby boy on December 29th, 2018. Police are investigating to determine the father of the child, who will stand to be indicted on rape charges. Once the person is caught, the investigation will also determine how an individual had the necessary access to impregnate such a vulnerable person.

The incident was terrifying to every parent with a child requiring this level of care. Providing for an individual in a coma is difficult, and most people do not have the necessary funds, equipment, or training to do so in their own home. They must trust in State-licensed facilities, and all too often these facilities put the people in their care at risk.

Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities in the New York area have been the subject of multiple recent investigations into their practices, and too many facilities in New York State are just as negligent as the facility in Arizona. Investigators have found dozens of cases of severe negligence resulting in death or diminished capacity.

One of the most troubling facets of the situation in Arizona is the revelation that the facility in question, and other facilities operated by the same organization, had been the subject of investigations regarding care quality and Medicaid fraud for years. The State agency responsible for overseeing the facility had at one point been in the process of shuttering the organization, but had pulled back.

If someone you love has suffered in a care home, and you believe abuse or negligence may have been a factor, please consult with an experienced attorney. A lawyer can help you gain access to time clock records and other critical information in making your case.

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