Varieties of Risks With Bus Transportation


The bus is an American staple, used to transport millions of people every year. With their large capacity, buses can be the ideal choice for a variety of different situations. When driving the highways or even just making a quick trip to the supermarket, buses are a common sight, with many of us sharing the roads with them on a weekly basis.

Certain groups employ bus travel more than others. These groups include:

  • Schools, with their ubiquitous yellow school buses picking kids up and dropping them off every day before and after school, and transporting children to sporting events and club activities
  • Church groups, who use buses as a social space in addition to their role as a transportation
  • Tour buses, used for sightseeing all over the country
  • Travel buses, which carry people from one city to another
  • Public transportation buses, used in urban areas to move people from one area of town to another

The convenience of buses, being able to transport dozens of people with only one driver, is also their greatest danger. When a bus is involved in an accident, it is likely that many people will be injured or even killed. Bus safety is extremely important for this reason.

In most states, bus drivers are held to a higher standard, requiring a special operator’s license in order to be legally allowed to drive such a large vehicle. If you hire a bus, make sure to ask about the drivers the company employs, and inquire as to what types of maintenance requirements the organization utilizes to ensure safety.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a bus accident, you know well how dangerous these vehicles can be. With their large size and weight, bus accidents can be devastating. Please, consult an experienced attorney about the particulars of your case to best determine how to proceed.

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