U-Turns and Rear-Enders: They Can Be Avoided


When we drive to and from work or take our kids to school, we know that time is not always on our side. We struggle to make it to work to punch in before the boss notices. We drop our kids off as close to the building as possible even if that means charging ahead to a restricted area. We don’t always take the safest precautions when we are in a hurry. Not paying attention and struggling to make it to your destination on time, however, can have fatal results for you and for others.

U-turns and rear-enders happen all the time, and some drivers take chances more than others. Take u-turns, for example. Many drivers are killed when they make u-turns into the path of another oncoming vehicle that they may not have seen originally. That is what makes u-turns so dangerous in the first place, as drivers often have to beat traffic without the ability to judge the speed of another car, or gauge the time they have to make the u-turn. And, what about those who make u-turns even when a posted sign says “no u-turn”—let’s not go there. What about rear-enders? Unfortunately, rear-enders can be among some of the most dangerous and debilitating accidents to the victim. A rear-ender comes without warning, and its impact is unpredictable. Rear-ender accidents cause many back and head injuries as drivers are pushed toward the window after being hit from behind. What causes u-turn accidents and rear enders? The causes are many, and distracted drivers are right at the top of the list. Among other causes are:

  • Illegal and improper turning: Those who take chances might be taking huge risks.
  • Space: Not having enough room to turn safely.
  • Speed: Turning too quickly could result in mis-turning.
  • Pressure to turn: Many drivers will honk or intimidate other drivers to make unsafe maneuvers on the road.
  • Hands on the wheel: Turning or driving with one hand while the other is on the phone.
  • Distraction, as mentioned above: not paying attention to the driving at hand.

Automobile accidents occur for many reasons and those listed above are only a few. If you have been injured, or know someone who has been injured or died from a rear-ender, u-turn or other automobile accident, be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney who can help you settle your case quickly and effectively.

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