Truck Equipment Failure


Truck accidents involving semis and other large vehicles are frighteningly common and can occur for a variety of reasons. These types of incidents are associated with overly aggressive driving by the trucker or with truckers who had too little sleep or rest and are dangerously tired. Truck equipment failure is also a common cause of accidents.

Truck equipment failure occurs when one of the mechanical parts of the vehicle breaks suddenly or overtime. Examples include:

  • Airbrake failure
  • A snapped or broken axle
  • Engine malfunction
  • Trailer attachment breakdown

These types of equipment failure can happen for a variety of reasons, including failure to perform proper maintenance, improper repairs using old or worn down parts, and faulty manufacturing. Two of these are preventable by the driver or owner of the truck, and the third can sometimes be addressed by drivers or mechanics before an accident occurs.

Deferring maintenance on a large truck is never acceptable, as the risk of significant injury or death if a truck accident occurs is very high. Maintenance is nearly always deferred to save either money or time. Greed can be a powerful motivator to cut corners, but putting the safety of others at risk for monetary gain is unacceptable.

Improper repairs are often the result of cost-saving, but on occasion are simply the result of incompetence. If a mechanic performs an improper repair or utilizes an old or defective part, the part is likely to fail under high-stress situations. A good mechanic can recognize a faulty part out of the box and refuse to perform the repair until a quality part is obtained.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a truck accident, a full investigation can reveal whether equipment failure was responsible. If equipment failure did cause the crash, an experienced lawyer can help you determine whether or not deferred maintenance or a poor quality part might be at fault. Please, consult with a qualified lawyer about your case.

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