Taking Precautions with Coronary Artery Disease


Coronary Artery Disease is a devastating illness. Unfortunately, the early signs of Coronary Artery Disease are often ignored by physicians, or dismissed as something else. Few doctors bother to run the necessary tests or ask the necessary questions to determine whether or not their patient is suffering from the early stages of Coronary Artery Disease. It is only when the illness progresses that the doctor notices, and by that time many of the worst outcomes cannot be avoided.

Under most circumstances, the prognosis for Coronary Artery Disease should be reasonably good. The doctor might put you on a special diet, prescribe medication, or recommend an exercise program. All of these are reasonable treatments if the disease is caught early. If the disease is not caught early, outcomes are much worse.

Many of those worst outcomes have been long known, but new research is shedding light on even more of these devastating effects, including:

  • Increased susceptibility and reduced immune response to Hepatitis C and HIV
  • Associations with the development of Multiple Sclerosis
  • Associations with the development of migraines

Considering all the negative outcomes associated with Coronary Artery Disease, it seems reasonable to expect doctors to diagnose it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that rarely happens, and hundreds of thousands of people a year suffer negative outcomes due to this negligence.

If you have been diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease after debilitating side effects have already occurred, it is important to find out if you should have been diagnosed earlier. Please contact an experienced attorney who will know the right questions to ask to get the answers you are entitled to, and who will help you determine whether your disease could have been discovered in time to prevent many of these terrible things from occurring.

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