Strange Accidents at Spectator Events


A monster truck drives out of control at a rally in a nearby town. A skydiver misses the mark and ends up being killed in a crowd of people. A bull charges into the crowd at a bull-fighting event. These events and many more can happen at any time during community events where thousands of spectators gather for the thrill of seeking excitement and entertainment. Are the crowds protected? What happens when something goes astray?

Let’s take the case of the monster truck that went out of control in Mexico City earlier this fall. The driver stated he had hit his head inside the truck after a jump over some cars when he bounced up from the seat. The truck then went straight into the crowd of spectators, injuring 76 and killing four children. As spectators, do we have to take our lives in our hands when watching a favorite sport? Many of us remember the incident at Daytona International Speedway where the car careered into the guardrail first, and then the crowd nearby, killing those who were near the fence and injuring many others.

Even when we are at a special event, it makes sense to pay attention to the conditions surrounding the event and to anticipate what could potentially occur. As much as it is exciting to get close to the action with an up front seat as near as possible to the track or raceway, there are a few words of caution to keep in mind:

  • Keep a safe and reasonable distance from the end of the track to the place where you are seated.
  • Make sure the bleachers are solid, and that they don’t shake with minor movements.
  • If others are acting unruly on the bleachers in the area to draw attention, seek a seat elsewhere. Activities like that could be an accident waiting to happen.
  • Are the exits properly marked at the venue where you are located?
  • What type of emergency personnel are on hand?
  • Can you understand the announcements when they say move out of the way, or is the loudspeaker garbled so that announcements cannot be understood?

Seeking adventure and pleasure is an a American pastime. We want to attend events, and we often pay good money to do so. But, staying safe is the only way we can ensure that will get to see events like these for many years to come. If you have been injured at an event, or know someone who was injured or died, seeking the advice of a Manhattan law firm will be your first step toward settling your personal injury case.

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