Stopping on the Roadway for a Scenic View? Think Again


Although summer is over, people still make trips by car all the time, some for business and some for pleasure. You might even be one of them. Along those routes, you might encounter a scenic view or a historic marker where you feel it would be worth the stop. If you do so, we urge you to do it safely. Despite signs on the road that say “Do not stop on roadway,” many chose to ignore those warning signs, and end up taking their lives in their hands.

Roadway attractions are meant to provide education, as well as provide a break in the regular, mundane task of driving, and they often offer a scenic view to those new to the area. But, scenic views and roadway stops can also pose a danger when people ignore warnings. Certain parts of the road are more conducive to viewing, although it may be temping to just pull over a take a few pictures regardless of where you are. Here are a few things to keep in mind to help make your journey more enjoyable.

  • Pay attention to all signs. Those who design highways know there are certain areas better for viewing than others.
  • Just because there is a sidewalk doesn’t mean that cars will pay attention to you. Always watch for traffic if you have to walk along the road or cross the highway.
  • Pull over only at areas that are designated for pulling over.
  • If the pull off is already too crowded, pass it up and take in the sights next time around.
  • Park appropriately, and let others leave the area safely. Causing a traffic jam will never help any situation.
  • Keep pets inside when you pull off on a highway.
  • Never sit a child or pet on a wall that provides a lookout spot.

Roadways sights range in beauty and intrigue from the Hoover Dam in Las Vegas, to historic markers along the road, to scenic overlooks that afford views of mountains and rivers. Paying attention to the best places to pull over will keep you safe for a more enjoyable ride.

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