Spinal Cord Injuries: A Breakthrough


The chance of paralysis, however small, has long prevented people from seeking the relief they need. The risks of back surgery, particularly spinal surgery, have scared many people into trying to medicate away their pain rather than seeking a long term solution. Now, a new procedure is becoming available that has all the benefits of traditional spinal fusion surgery with a much lower risk profile.

The key to the new surgery is a device called the Minuteman G3. The device is a small tube that has bone product in it, and the tube is implanted in the spine through a small incision. Once attached, the tube opens and the bone product is incorporated by the body into the existing bone and musculature.

Breakthroughs like this are hugely important because so many of us spend years and years doing jobs that are hard on our backs. Common causes of back injuries include:

  • Trauma from workplace and car accidents
  • Repetitious motions, bending over again and again, usually for work
  • Carrying heavy loads or lifting heavy objects, as in construction and other jobs

If your back has been injured due to the negligence of another, either in the workplace or in a car accident, exciting new procedures like this offer hope. Unfortunately, new procedures are often expensive and frequently aren’t covered by insurance. Please contact an attorney who can help you achieve the financial independence necessary to get the care of which you are entitled.

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