Scoliosis and Taking the Next Step


Every parent fears their child will suffer a devastating injury, and we do all we can to keep our children safe. We imagine traumatic injuries, such as broken arms and concussions. But sometimes, a child will have an underlying condition, and nothing the parent does can protect them from it.

Scoliosis is a common, potentially devastating disease that afflicts thousands of people in the United States. Many states and schools have screenings in place to determine whether or not a child has scoliosis, in hopes of catching it early. When scoliosis is caught early, the chances of managing the disease without long-term consequences and with minimal invasive treatment is much more likely.

If you find out your child has scoliosis, you need to look into the variety of therapies there are. Some parents opt to watch and wait, hoping the problem will correct itself. Sometimes it does, but the longer a person waits to seek treatment, the more likely serious side effects may occur.

Common treatments for scoliosis include:

  • A back brace, which molds the shape of the spine slowly using steady pressure, and can either be worn all day or only at night
  • Surgery to correct serious cases
  • Physical therapy, which seeks to strengthen target muscle groups to pull the spine straight again

As difficult as it can be for a parent or child to learn the child has scoliosis, not finding out is even worse. The long-term outcomes for scoliosis are much worse if not discovered early, and unfortunately many doctors fail to make the diagnosis despite obvious physical signs.

If your child has suffered because doctors failed to promptly diagnose scoliosis, you are probably facing an expensive rehabilitation, if rehabilitation is even possible. Please, hold the doctor to account for their negligence. Contact an experienced attorney who will help you pursue your case against the medical establishment.

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