Pedestrian Accidents: No Walk in the Park


Parks are supposed to be open to everyone. Children play in them. Couples walk through them holding hands. People have parties and barbeques and other get-togethers at them. A great park is an important part of any community, and no park is more famous than Central Park. Because of its size and beauty, it is the standard against which other parks are compared.

A series of terrible accidents in Central Park is drawing attention to a potential problem for the entire country. Bicyclists have taken to riding through the park to enjoy the beautiful views, and the riders often take the same path as pedestrians. But bicycles are still vehicles being piloted at fairly high speeds, and when a bicycle strikes a pedestrian tragedy can be the outcome.

A 58-year-old woman was recently killed when she was struck by a bicycle ridden by a 31-year-old male. The male had swerved to avoid another group of pedestrians, and he didn’t see the woman until it was too late. If this was the only such incident, it might be easy to write it off as a single terrible event and move on. But this is nowhere near the only such incident. In fact:

  • A 75- year-old teacher was killed just two months earlier when he was struck by a bicyclist
  • In New York City alone there were over three hundred incidents where a bicyclist struck a pedestrian
  • The rate of these incidents has increased on a yearly basis for over a decade

Central Park is not the only place these dangerous situations occur. In fact, many bicyclists around the country ride on the sidewalk, putting pedestrians at risk. People are very familiar with the terrible outcomes that accompany a bicyclist being struck by a car, but don’t take into account the equally terrible outcomes that can accompany a bicyclist striking a pedestrian.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, either by a car or by a bicycle, it is important that you get proper care. Police officers often ask victims if they are injured, but many injuries take weeks to manifest. If you have been injured, please contact an attorney who can help you determine the extent of your injuries and help you get the treatments you need.

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