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Another day at work in the restaurant or office is as routine as brushing your teeth. But, what about a day where the routine is anything but normal due to a work-related injury? Accidents at work happen all the time and not just in the big cases we read about in the news. Work-related accidents can cover everything from slipping and falling on oil or another object on the floor, to burns taking a main dish out of the oven in the kitchen, to malfunctions of equipment and carelessness among other workers. All injuries have the potential of leading to injury, or even death.

In a recent incident at a North Carolina Wal-mart, an elderly greeter was injured when a security guard collided with him while trying to apprehend a shoplifting suspect. The greeter sustained a head injury and later died. In another case in Louisiana, a crane tipped over while workers were building a bridge and the unconscious driver fell into the water, sustaining brain damage and later died. An injury or death at work means a long and laborious process for you or your family that involves filing a claim or multiple claims, loss of income and possibly life-threatening outcomes.

If you are injured at work, what are the steps you need to take to make sure your case is handled correctly and quickly?

  • Make sure your health insurance is up to date and current. Now is not the time to think about obtaining health insurance.
  • You’ll want to notify your Human Resources Department at your place of employment so that a workers compensation claim can be initiated.
  • Seek medical treatment so that the incident is documented.
  • When you do seek medial treatment, keep all copies of forms and documents in your own file.
  • Lastly, if you feel that the place of employment or another employee was at fault, you’ll need to enlist the assistance of a law firm renowned for handling workers compensation claims and lawsuits. The required forms and processes can be confusing and overwhelming.

Taking part in safety seminars and required classes will bring everyone up to speed on how best to prevent injuries while at work. With today’s economy no one can afford to experience any loss of income. If you find this happening to you due to a work-related injury, take the right steps to make sure you are covered.

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