Medical Malpractice: Inappropriate Care for Veterans and Beyond


The ongoing tragedy of Veteran’s Administration mismanagement is just the latest in a long line of controversy surrounding our veterans. Not only have there been dozens of confirmed fatalities linked to the VA hospitals, but new reports indicate that the administrators systematically changed files to hide the fact that their own mistakes had led to the death of so many heroes.

This type of abuse is nothing new. For forty years, the Navy continued to use asbestos insulation in their ships, and to cover the boilers that powered the vessels with asbestos as a fire retardant material; this, despite research piling up that indicated asbestos caused Mesothelioma and other terrible diseases. Unfortunately, the one thing servicemen could rely on, even after the military wrecked their health, was that the country would help them recover and the government would pay for that care. That last remaining contract has finally been broken.

Yet another whistleblower has emerged, corroborating many of the previous accusations, but offering many more. According to reports on CNN, employees of the VA:

  • Removed the “deceased” designation from the files of those veterans who died while waiting for care.
  • Hid new applications in drawers so the patients would not appear on the books.
  • Maintained a “secret list” of untreated patients.

These terrible things were done to pad statistics and make it appear that the hospital was not ignoring many of its sickest patients. The administrators received hefty bonuses while doing this, bonuses earned for supposedly providing fast, quality care to the veterans who needed it. Money was more important than people’s lives.

If you or someone you love was a VA patient or was left waiting to become a VA patient during this ordeal, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer if you feel that you did not receive adequate care. If a loved one died as a result of such selfish actions, you must act to help hold those responsible accountable. A reputable Manhattan law firm will be able to assist you with starting and settling your case.

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