Malacidins to Treat MRSA


MRSA (or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) has been a plague on the medical establishment for the last decade. Staph infections have always been common, but with the advent of antibiotics, few people died or were seriously harmed by these bacteria for nearly 80 years. But as the bacteria mutated and developed resistance, first to traditional antibiotics and then to more powerful second-generation drugs such as Methicillin, more and more people began to suffer negative outcomes.

MRSA is everywhere in the environment. Many public places, including restaurants, parks, and other gathering spaces, have surfaces infected with dangerous bacteria. It can even live for years on a person’s skin. But the most commonplace for this disease to fester is medical environments, where generations of bacteria might breed and mutate. Hospitals infect thousands of patients every year, many of whom have suppressed immune systems from other diseases and procedures.

Now, a third stage antibiotic is in development, and there are high hopes it might be able to treat MRSA. This class of antibiotics, called Malacidins, utilize calcium to fuel the eradication of bacteria both inside and outside the human body. Though it may be years before these drugs are on the market, knowing there might be a future treatment for an untreatable disease provides hope to the medical establishment that thousands of people will not suffer unnecessarily in the future.

If you or someone you love has been infected with MRSA and suffered negative outcomes, and you suspect the bacteria was transmitted from a hospital or another public place, please reach out to an experienced attorney. Oftentimes others will have suffered from the same breakout, and a skilled lawyer can help track down the source of the infection and help you hold the source accountable.

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