Maintaining Proper Shelf Clearance Key for Forklift Safety


A September 6th, 2018 accident at Chef’s Warehouse Food Distribution Center in New York left one worker dead. The accident occurred when the worker was piloting a forklift around the warehouse. Proper safety considerations are very important when dealing with a forklift, as the various parts of the machine pose critical danger to both the operator and other workers in the area.

The incident occurred when during operation of the forklift the driver’s head became wedged between the machine and warehouse shelves. When designing a warehouse, a company should always be aware of the machinery that will be utilized in it, and make sure that shelving is appropriate heights to prevent incidents like this from occurring.

Shelf height is not the only consideration when ensuring forklift safety in a warehouse. Making sure aisles are properly spaced and of appropriate width lessens the risk of crashes. Making sure that ramps are an appropriate grade limits the risk of a rollover accident. When possible block off the aisles to customer traffic, and enlist a co-worker to be present.

Heavy equipment operator accidents and injuries can often be prevented when proper precautions are enlisted. If you have been injured, or know of someone who has been injured in a fork lift accident, entrusting in the assistance of a firm with a history of successful settlement cases could mean a better future for all.

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