Low Fences Prove Problematic for Amusement Parks


An August 13th incident at the theme park in Cedar Point, Ohio is drawing attention to the laxness of certain aspects of theme park security. A 45 year old male was struck and killed by an inverted coaster while retrieving his hat from under the ride. According to experts, the fences should have been much higher, and better warning signs should have been in place.

Roller coaster derailments and breakdowns get all the news headlines, and it is understandable why. The idea of something going wrong with the roller coaster while you are careening around the track at a hundred miles an hour is terrifying. But there are many other major safety issues at theme parks that often go unaddressed.

This is not the first time someone has been struck by a car while under the tracks at a theme park. A similar incident occurred at a Six Flags park, prompting calls for theme parks to raise their fences to prevent further needless loss of life. Evidently the theme parks didn’t listen.

Low fences aren’t the only problems at theme parks. Other major potential injury risks at theme parks include:

  • Outbreaks of foodborne illness
  • Gang and other criminal activity putting park patrons at risk
  • Heat related illnesses
  • Injuries caused by falling debris such as pennies, cups, and cellphones dropped by people on rides

Whenever someone is injured at a theme park, people are quick to dismiss them, claiming they knew the risks by setting foot in the park. But though some element of risk is understandable and cautioned against, there are no safety protocols a person can take to avoid many of the risks identified above. If you or someone you love is injured at a theme park, please contact a qualified attorney to help you determine what the theme park could have done to prevent the accident from occurring.

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