Improving Safety of Shopping Carts for Children with Disabilities


Shopping carts are significantly more dangerous than many parents realize. When the child’s legs are properly placed and the seatbelt is secured, most people assume that their little one is safe. Sadly, this is not always the case. Seatbelts can malfunction or the belt itself can fray, allowing the child to get free. If this happens, a child can fall from the shopping cart and strike their head on the hard surface of the ground.

Businesses can lessen the likelihood of these incidents occurring by performing regular cart checks, looking for signs of damage to the belt or the plastic seat. Oftentimes there is a clear visible indication that the cart is unsafe, and supermarkets and other public places can either fix the vehicle or replace it.

Parents of children with disabilities are often at even greater risk of just such an accident occurring. Children with disabilities such as epilepsy or autism might present unique hazards. A child suffering a seizure has a higher likelihood of falling out of a shopping cart, and a child with sensory issues might attempt to escape. Certain other disabilities, such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida, can make it difficult to utilize the seating area of a traditional shopping cart at all.

Caroline’s Carts are specifically designed to decrease the likelihood of an accident occurring and to allow children suffering from physical disabilities to be seated in the shopping cart. These carts have larger, lower seats with both a seatbelt and shoulder straps. These shopping cart seats are more similar to infant car seats than to other shopping carts.

If your child has been injured in a shopping cart accident, it is important to get all the facts. Important information includes the age of the carts and the system utilized to ensure proper maintenance. Please, consult with an experienced attorney to help you make your case.

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