Improperly Loaded Cargo Contributes to Accidents


Loading cargo is one of the most important responsibilities for any trucker. Following all proper safe driving protocols is wonderful, but accidents can still occur due to improper loading. Confirming that all the proper steps were taken to ensure that everything is stowed and tied is the pivotal first step in a safe trip.

There are a variety of factors that go into safe loading of a trailer, including:

  • Proper tie downs tso cargo does not shift or fall off the trailer during transit
  • Evenly distributed weight, as uneven weight distribution contributes to risks of tipping over or jackknifing
  • Proper flagging of oversized loads
  • Being aware of the weight allowances of the trailer and not overloading

Each of these factors contributes to certain types of accidents. Failing to secure cargo increases the risk that cargo will fall off and strike trailing vehicles, or that cargo will shift unexpectedly, contributing to poor turning and other hazards. Proper flagging of oversized loads is necessary to signal to other vehicles how much space to give the truck when passing.

There is no excuse for any of these dangerous mistakes, but overloading the truck is the least excusable. Every trucker should be able to recite the weight allowances of their rig, and there are weight stations all over the country to aid drivers in being absolutely certain that their truck is not overloaded. Overloaded trailers can suffer poor turning and braking and popped tires.

If you or someone you love has been injured of killed in an accident involving improperly loaded cargo, sifting through information and rules and regulations can be difficult. Consider consulting with an experienced attorney about your case. A qualified lawyer will know the ins and outs of tractor-trailer law.

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