Flooding Poses Long-Term Mold Risk


Areas of the East Coast have received record amounts of rain, and with record rains often comes flooding. Portions of one town in Maryland were rendered uninhabitable by a major flash flood that knocked out power and flooded buildings nearly to their ceilings. Thousands of emergency calls were placed by residents of Elliott City and rescue personnel saved dozens of lives.

Now, as the flood waters recede, people are beginning to rebuild their lives. Homes and businesses will need significant remediation and renovation, and unfortunately flood damage is not covered by most home insurance plans. Home owners and business owners will have to foot the cost of repairs out of pocket in many cases.

But even as lives return to normal, people in this town and other towns that have seen significant flooding could be at risk of mold respiratory illness. Mold is often an insidious danger, growing behind drywall or in other non-visible areas of a house. Although out of sight, mold spores can get into the air and cause significant damage to the human lungs.

Mold remediation can be difficult and expensive, and some businesses have cut corners by ignoring mold even as it poses a risk to customers. And many landlords will try to find the cheapest option for dealing with mold, trying to seal it up without actually dealing with the problem. When this happens, the mold continues to damage the lungs of residents until it is discovered and remediated.

If you or someone you love has suffered health problems consistent with mold respiratory illness, there are air tests available to determine whether or not you have been exposed to potentially deadly spores. If you have been sickened due to mold and a landlord or other responsible party failed to promptly remediate, consult with an experienced lawyer about your case.

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