Finz & Finz, P.C., Employee Spotlight: Laura Castel


Between the time she started work with Finz & Finz, P.C., in August 2016, to just celebrating her one-year employment anniversary, Legal Assistant Laura Castel has her work cut out for her supporting the firm’s large team of attorneys. Laura’s husband—who is also the firm’s investigator—alerted Laura to the opening at the firm last summer. She had been working for the regional office at ReMax managing monthly accounting for all New York offices for many years when the company underwent restructuring due to a buy-out. With her husband already working at the firm, Laura knew she would find value in assisting the caseload that the attorneys handle.

As a Legal Assistant, Laura manages the medical records and liens department and has been serving as a calendar clerk while her co-worker Lindsay has been on maternity leave. Lien work can be lengthy and complicated, and involves reporting liens to insurance companies who may have interests in the settlement, while also attempting to get liens reduced for the client by working with doctor’s offices and other organizations. Laura states that she likes many aspects of what she does for the firm. “Just being here to help support the rest of the staff is gratifying. Sometimes the caseload is huge, so I can help them make sure certain things are taken care of, particularly something like having a lien reduced and helping attorneys find out more information about a certain case. I think those are the best parts of the job.”

A passion for helping clients is a theme that runs true with everyone at the firm, and Laura is no exception. She is part of a dedicated staff who advocates on behalf of those who need assistance. Laura states, “My husband has been here since 2014, and just in this last year, I’ve been able to see some of the cases that he’s discussed over the years. It is gratifying knowing that we can help those people who really are affected by an injury and that we have the ability to make their lives a little easier.” When her parents were involved in a head-on collision several years ago, it was comforting to Laura and her family to have peace of mind that some issues would be resolved and that a level of assistance would be provided through compensation. “Personally, I enjoy applying whatever we can do to help them make their lives easier going forward. “

Outside of the firm, Laura and her husband maintain busy schedules raising their three sons. Her oldest is following his father’s footsteps as a New York City Police Officer; her middle son attends college in hopes of also being a police officer or fireman; and the youngest, still in school, play baseball. “We enjoy the baseball life immensely, and we are always at games on the weekends, so it’s really great. It’s a joy to watch them grow in the directions their lives have taken them, and see them pursuing their dreams and passions.” When asked if there was anything she wanted to share that her co-workers might not know, Laura states, “The firm is such a great group to work with. We laugh a lot and they’re a lot of fun. I don’t know if there’s anything I haven’t told them!”

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