Extending the Danger by Populating the Malls


Black Friday has long been accepted as the most dangerous shopping day of the year. Not only are dozens of people injured every year, but on rare occasions individuals are even killed during the event. Thousands of people fighting for a good deal will always carry a significant risk of injury.

Until recent years, the risk of injury only existed when stores first opened, and almost all stores opened at the same time. This meant that if you made it past six a.m. on Friday morning without being injured, you were probably going to be okay. But recent changes to how Black Friday is marketed have changed that.

Black Friday is no longer just one day. Instead:

  • Some stores have offered discounts for the entire week of Thanksgiving, opening earlier than usual the Sunday before Thanksgiving
  • Many stores are opening on the evening of Thanksgiving itself
  • Many stores are offering additional, time-limited deals throughout the day on Black Friday and even on the Saturday after Thanksgiving

By increasing the amount of sales worth shopping, retailers have increased the amount of times each shopping season that any given shopper is in a press of people, which increases the likelihood of injuries occurring. Retailers are supposed to make sure the premises are safe, but some skirt safety rules. Parking lots and entryways can be particularly dangerous at these times, due to winter weather and the accumulation of ice.

If you or someone you love has been injured while shopping, it is important to understand just how premises liability might have played a role in your injury. Businesses are required by law to do everything reasonable to make sure their premises are safe and unlikely to cause an accident, but many businesses do not live up to these expectations. If you suspect negligence played a part in your injury, quickly contact an experienced lawyer who can help you determine whether or not the business was responsible for your accident.

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