Young Adults Also Affected by New Coronavirus Symptoms


NEW YORK, NY – Several young adults being treated for coronavirus in New York have begun showing signs of the Kawasaki-like disease recently identified in children, according to several doctors.

The Washington Post reported today about the new coronavirus-linked illness, which has been exhibited by a 25-year-old patient at Northwell Health’s Long Island Jewish Medical Center, several patients in their early 20s at NYU Langone, and a 20-year-old being treated at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego.

Jennifer Lighter, an NYU Langone doctor specializing in pediatric infectious diseases, said that the coronavirus complications discovered in children present like traditional Kawasaki disease, in which blood vessels become inflamed. But the symptoms seen in teenagers and young adults is much more severe, an “overwhelming response” that can imperil the heart and other organs.

Jane Burns, head of the Kawasaki research center at UC San Diego, worries that this new coronavirus complication has been underdiagnosed in adults across the age spectrum. She worries that their doctors may miss it because they may have “never seen Kawasaki disease before because that’s a disease of children.”

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