Construction Accidents: More Work Means More Risks


Construction accidents are not to be taken lightly, whether in an upward turn of the economy or in a downward turn when business is slower. Construction workers know they risk injury on the job at any given time and have many factors to take into consideration for their safety. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 5 percent increase in private sector construction fatalities from 2011. Even though construction workers and companies must adhere to rules and pay special attention to safety guidelines, it’s easy to miss items when deadlines are on the horizon just to finish the job.

Construction accidents come in all shape and sizes from operating heavy machinery and equipment like cranes, forklifts and backhoes, to being hit by a moving vehicle in a construction zone, to mishandling of equipment like jackhammers and chainsaws. Worker put themselves in the way of danger of all the time when they fail to pay attention to what coworkers are doing on a jobsite, or if they fail to appropriate a safe distance between a vehicle and a loading dock, which could mean crushing someone in the way.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration makes it their job to develop and issue guidelines for construction companies and workers in an effort to prevent injury and fatalities among those in the field. If you are a construction worker who has to work on a jobsite daily, or know someone who is a construction worker, there are many regulations in place to protect the workers. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Before putting the vehicle in reverse, make sure everyone is out of the way; use a horn or other announcement if necessary.
  • Do not allow anyone who has limited experience to operate heavy equipment without the direct supervision of someone else who is seasoned at the job.
  • Make sure the equipment is regularly inspected; never operate a piece of equipment if there are parts missing or if it has been deemed otherwise not suitable for use.

If you have been injured in construction accident, you know that the compensation for recovery is a difficult road without the assistance of personal injury law firm to help you with your case. Be sure you take proper precautions and seek the advice of an attorney who can help you settle your case quickly.

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