Boating Accident Risks Dependent Upon Body of Water


Boating accidents are frighteningly common. Each year, hundreds of people are killed and thousand injured in boat accidents, which can occur anywhere and everywhere boats are found. Boats are commonly sailed on oceans, on rivers, and on lakes, and dependent upon the type of body of water, the most likely cause of accident changes.

Evaluating the scenarios, likely risks of accident include:

  • Collisions with other boats, particularly on lakes and rivers where boat density tends to be higher than on oceans, and where many boats lack navigation equipment to indicate the presence of other boats
  • Waves rolling over the deck, most commonly on the ocean, where waves are larger than on lakes or rivers
  • Damage from underwater rocks and debris, more common on shallow lakes and rivers, particularly when stronger currents push boats towards the shore

Being aware of these risk factors can go a long way towards preventing accidents from occurring. Though there are some elements of water safety that are the same across environments, including wearing a life vest, others are much more dependent upon the surroundings and the type of boat.

Life safety training is important before sailing, with an emphasis on river, ocean, or lake skills in accordance with the planned adventure. Even something as simple as walking on deck can be drastically different dependent upon the size of the boat and the current of the water. Children especially should be trained and monitored carefully on the water.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a boating accident, evaluating all the factors that may have contributed to the incident is key. Please consider consulting with an experienced attorney regarding your case. A lawyer with years of experience in the field can guide you through the difficult process of getting the answers you deserve.

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