Birth Injuries: Viability


It’s easy to blame the mother whenever anything goes wrong during pregnancy. But research suggests there are a variety of reasons for things like premature labor and injury during birth, and that many of these have a lot more to do with what the doctor does (or doesn’t do) than what the mother does.

When a child is born prematurely a variety of things can go wrong (or have gone wrong), and doctors are always quick to push the blame on the mother. This is especially true when the birth injury is severe, or when the baby dies. Doctors are quick to quote statistics showing that birth injury and even death during birth are relatively common, especially during premature labor. But recent research reveals this isn’t the case. In fact:

  • The survival rate for premature babies has more than tripled in the last forty years
  • Fewer and fewer babies are suffering long-term health consequences of premature birth, especially as treatments have been developed to address the issue of immature lungs
  • The gestational age required for viability has continued to decrease, to below 22 weeks according to current research

Doctors don’t want to take responsibility when their actions cause a bad outcome. And those same doctors will continue to produce those same bad outcomes until someone stops them. If your baby was born premature or suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence, please contact a lawyer. Only with a lawyer’s help can you keep other babies from suffering from the same negligence.

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