Bair Hugger Warming System Linked to Post-Surgical Infections


For years, hospitals have used the Bair Hugger Warming System before surgery to manage the body temperature of patients. The system uses forced air to maintain the desired temperature, and the manufacturer claims that utilizing this technology reduces the risk of infection, reduces bleeding, and reduces post-operative complications.

Unfortunately, though it may perform admirably in some of those scenarios, the Bair Hugger Warming System has been linked to increasing the risk of certain infections, particularly deep bone infections in orthopedic patients. Though the exact mechanism of this link is still being established, forced air systems have been implicated in other areas as dispersing bacteria and other infectious agents.

Hundreds of patients have suffered unexpected deep bone infections after being pre-treated with the Bair Hugger Warming System. Though the device is likely to spread contaminants across all patients, deep tissue and bone tissue being exposed is more problematic than surface areas. Not only are surface areas regularly exposed to these infections, deep tissue and bone does not have the blood-flow necessary to fight off bacteria in the way the rest of the body does.

The manufacturer continues to insist the product is completely safe, despite mounting evidence that orthopedic patients treated with the system are at risk of developing these deep bone infections. Deeper investigation may be necessary to fully prove the dangerousness of the device, but access to necessary information can be difficult.

If you or someone you love developed a post-surgical infection after being treated with the Bair Hugger Warming System, you likely want answers as to whether the device caused the disease. Please consult with an experienced attorney about your case and help put pressure on the company and the medical establishment to provide the answers you deserve.

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