Avoiding a Taxi Accident in New York City


A trip to New York City can be a fun and exciting time. Trying to get around New York City does not bring the same enjoyment. Some destinations are not in walking distance, and the ones that are can be difficult to get to in bad weather. While subways and buses may be an inexpensive option, it is not always a practical one if a person is carrying luggage or shopping bags. Then there are those who would just rather not deal with the overcrowding and additional hassles of mass transit. These are some of the reasons residents and visitors opt for a taxi, and why taking a cab should be a safe alternative.

According to the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, yellow taxi cabs transport around 600,000 passengers every day. While the distance of an average cab ride is less than three miles, drivers and passengers are still at risk for being involved in a taxi accident. Contributing to the chance of an injury is that over 60% of passengers admit to not wearing a seatbelt when riding in a cab. No matter how long you think the taxi ride could be, not wearing a seatbelt increases the likelihood of being thrown forward or sideways in an accident, which will increase the chances of a severe injury.

Taxi drivers spend over 9 hours a day in their vehicle, traveling close to 70,000 per year, and despite all their experience on the streets of New York, they still must adhere to the rules of the road. This includes staying away from talking and texting on a cell phone along with other distractions such as adjusting the radio or even turning their head to have a conversation with passengers in the back seat. Drivers need to be aware of fatigue during long shifts and look out for potential hazards on the road including pedestrians, bicyclists and construction sites.

While there may be plenty of jokes and stereotypes about New York City Taxis and Taxi Drivers, it is no excuse for them to be reckless, irresponsible and indifferent when it comes to the safety of their passengers. If you have been injured in an accident involving a taxi cab, you have rights. Contact the skilled attorneys at Finz & Finz, P.C., to help you recover the monetary damages needed to pay for your injuries, lost wages and additional pain and suffering for you and your family.

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