Added Insurance for Keeping Children Safe at School


Student Insurance Plans for elementary through high school age students are not an entirely new invention, but the fact some school districts are starting to act as a go-between for these insurance companies is new. There has been no widespread attempt to determine just how common it has become for schools to offer these types of policies, but a cursory search of the internet indicates they are becoming more and more common.

Some parents are surprised to find a form coming home with their children offering additional insurance. Student Insurance Plans are designed to cover costs if your child is injured in an accident at school. These policies usually extend to organized sports activities, though most policies are more expensive if your child plays a contact sport such as football. Apart from sports injuries, they also cover other injuries that might occur over the course of a school day, from altercations between students through accidents in the science lab.

Taking precautions is usually a sign of financial responsibility, but in this case, parents have to wonder who the insurance policy is designed to protect. Schools have a responsibility to their students to provide a safe environment, and if a child is injured because the school fails in this duty, the school should be held financially responsible. And for a parent who carries their child on their health insurance plan, the medical bills for true accidental injuries are already mitigated.

Many parents cannot afford 500 dollars per school year to cover their children, and they shouldn’t be expected to. Schools should be held responsible for failing to keep children safe. If your child is injured in a school-related accident, determining whether or not the school provided proper oversight is incredibly important. Please consult with a qualified attorney who can help you ask the right questions to find out why the school failed to live up to its duty to keep your child safe.

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