A Trip Abroad: What Does the Future Hold for Your Graduate?


In the midst of planning what to do after graduation, many grads are gifted the opportunity to travel to a new destination, which often involves their first time overseas. Whether it’s backpacking across Europe or travelling by Eurail, there are travel tips that everyone should keep in mind, particularly if this is your young adult’s first major trip away from home and in another country.

Travelling abroad is exciting, and often easier in cases where the primary language is English. But, not all destinations have residents who speak the same language we do. Before embarking on a trip aboard, go over the following with your graduate to lessen the chance of accidents and incidents along the way.

  • Be sure insurance is up to date and that there is extra coverage for accidents and illnesses that happen overseas. Will a group be travelling together, or will your teen be “going it alone” on the journey? Invest in the right equipment and safety apps for travelling alone.
  • Keep copies of all itineraries, various insurance policies, travel tickets, and passports at home in a safe location. For the one traveling, finding a safe location can be challenging. Luggage is often lost and missing information can be critical. Keep multiple copies of insurance in various locations. This will be tricky when the only “place of residence” is a backpack and camping spot. Invest in a backpack or carrier with a special locked compartment that others can’t easily access.
  • Caution your graduate about posting too much information on social media platforms. Everyone likes to see “where we are and where we’ve been,” but putting too much information might be more harmful than helpful.
  • Obtain a list of hospitals, emergency call centers and police stations en route. If an accident does happen, you want to be aware of where the closest emergency facility is located.
  • If your graduate will be staying at a hotel, find out whether the hotel has security and a way to store valuables.

If your teen is injured due to someone’s negligence while travelling, having paperwork and documentation handy is the first place to start. The next is to enlist the advice and counsel of an attorney in New York who can best work with you to settle your case.

Travelling aboard is exciting and shouldn’t be avoided for lack of preparedness.. Taking the time to be knowledgeable about proper techniques and items will ease your mind that your teen is having the best of times.

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