A Misdiagnosis of Appendicitis Can Lead to Complex Problems


Hollywood insiders and fans were surprised when actor Joe Manganiello withdrew for medical reasons as the lead role in a series for The History Channel on SEAL Team Six. While the True Blood and Magic Mike star had previously suffered a torn bicep, it was not apparently related to his current condition. It has now been reported that the 39-year old actor was hospitalized and underwent surgery for a severe case of appendicitis. The news serves as a cautionary tale that this small body part can cause big problems.

The appendix is a 4-inch organ connected to the large intestines as part of the digestive system even though it does not play a role in digestion itself. However, sometimes the appendix can become inflamed and infected for unknown reasons, making it imperative to get to a doctor before the appendicitis worsens. Signs and symptoms of appendicitis include:

  • Pain in and around the lower right abdomen
  • Nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Abdominal swelling

Some of these symptoms can mimic other illnesses so it is important to see a doctor to determine the cause. Appendicitis can be diagnosed through a physical exam, blood test, or an ultrasound of the abdomen. Once the appendicitis is confirmed, an appendectomy would be performed to remove the organ.

If appendicitis is not treated and the surgery not carried out, the appendix may burst, spreading the infection through the rest of the abdominal cavity. This can cause an abscess which would need to be drained to clear out the infection. If the infection is not cleared out and antibiotics not administered to the patient, the result can be fatal.

The appendix may not have a clear function in the human body but a failure to diagnose or misdiagnose an issue is costly. In addition, a diagnosis of appendicitis

can be dangerous if it is fact not the actual problem and a more dangerous condition is overlooked. If you have suffered an injury or illness as the result of an error from a medical professional involving appendicitis, you have rights. Please contact the experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Finz & Finz, P.C., today.

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