1 out of 4 Vehicles on Road Has Open Recall


Carfax has the most extensive data on American vehicles of any private enterprise. The company tracks repairs and other information on every car it can, packaging this information for consumers who are shopping for used vehicles. This comprehensive data set is invaluable for identifying trends in motor vehicle maintenance.

A recent press release from Carfax indicates an alarming trend. According to the release, 1 out of every 4 vehicles on the road has an open recall. An open recall occurs when a recall has been issued but the repair has not yet been completed. There are a variety of reasons a recall may remain open, including:

  • The owner of the vehicle is unaware of the recall, perhaps due to the manufacturer not properly publicizing or notifying owners directly
  • Parts being back-ordered and unavailable for repairs
  • Lack of properly trained technicians to make the repairs in a prompt manner

The manufacturer is responsible for making sure parts are available and that enough mechanics are hired to expedite the process. The fact that this doesn’t happen is appalling. The fact that one-quarter of all cars on the road could pose a risk to the driver or to other vehicles is unacceptable.

Manufacturers must do a better job. Not only should recalls be executed more swiftly, but such a large volume of vehicles requiring a recall in the first place indicates not enough time is spent during design and manufacture to make sure vehicles are safe off the assembly line. It should not take multiple repairs years later to make a car safe, they should be safe when they are driven off the lot for the first time.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, determining whether or not either vehicle was under an open recall is important. Too many manufacturers have put safety second, leading to unsafe conditions on the road. Please, consult with an experienced attorney to determine how you should proceed with your case.

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