Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Long Island


In late 2021, New York’s Eyewitness News urged caution among Long Island residents regarding a recent spike in pedestrian accidents. Within a month, 11 pedestrians died in fatal pedestrian crashes on Long Island, mainly in Suffolk County. During that time, two Long Island pedestrians were killed within four hours, one in Bay Shore and another in North Bay Shore.

Even the most careful pedestrian can sustain severe and potentially fatal injuries in Long Island. If you or someone close to you was struck by a car while traveling on foot in Long Island, the experienced pedestrian accident lawyers at Finz & Finz, P.C. stand prepared to protect your legal rights and demand full and fair compensation for your injuries.

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What Are Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents?

Everyone is a pedestrian from time to time. To help our Long Island neighbors understand what to watch out for when traveling on foot, here are four common types of pedestrian accidents:

  • Backing up accidents – Backing up accidents occur when drivers fail to check behind them when reversing out of driveways, parking spaces, or garages and collide with pedestrians passing by.
  • Dooring accidents – Dooring accidents tend to be less severe but can still result in painful injuries. A dooring accident happens when a negligent vehicle occupant opens their door directly onto or into the immediate path of a passing pedestrian.
  • Intersection accidents – Most pedestrian accidents happen at intersections where pedestrian and vehicle traffic meet. Intersection accidents can occur when pedestrians unexpectedly dart out into the road or when motorists run red lights.
  • Passing accidents – A passing accident can happen when one driver stops to allow a pedestrian to cross the road, the pedestrian is hidden from the view of motorists in other lanes by the stopped vehicle, and another driver strikes the pedestrian as a result.
  • Turn and merge accidents – This type of pedestrian accident occurs when a motorist is absorbed in timing other vehicles before merging or turning that they fail to register nearby pedestrians.

New York Pedestrian Accident Statistics

The following data from the New York State Department of Health shed light on the dangers of pedestrian accidents:

  • Pedestrian accident injuries are among the top 10 causes of injury-related hospital visits and fatalities among nearly all age groups in New York.
  • Approximately 300 pedestrians are killed every year, and 15,000 more are injured in New York motor vehicle-pedestrian accidents. More than 3,000 pedestrians are admitted to New York hospitals annually with accident-related injuries.
  • 6 of every 100,000 New Yorkers die each year in pedestrian accidents, and 15.4 of every 100,000 are hospitalized annually for pedestrian accident injuries.
  • The rates of pedestrian accident fatalities are highest among males and those aged 65 and older.