$500,000 Settlement


Our client, a 68-year-old woman with early stages of Alzheimer’s, was admitted to a local Nassau County hospital after she fainted at home. During her admission, she was confused and unable to call for assistance when she wanted to get out of bed. A one-to-one nurse’s aide was assigned to her to ensure her safety.

While she was ambulating to the bathroom with the aide, she once again passed out. Our firm advanced the position that the hospital and aide failed to properly lower her to the floor to protect her from injury. During the litigation, our firm argued that the hospital and their aide failed to employ the proper procedure while lowering a patient to the floor and as a result, our client’s legs were crossed when she landed on the floor. This resulted in a fracture of her leg.

Thereafter, the symptoms of her Alzheimer’s rapidly accelerated and our firm advanced the theory that the trauma from the fall accelerated her Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, three years after the fall, she passed away from unrelated causes.

The case was settled in the sum of $500,000 during a mediation prior to trial.