New York City MRSA Injury Lawyer


“I would say it is at an epidemic level right now.”

Dr. J. Wiley is a pediatrician at Dothan Pediatric Clinic, where he comes in contact with two or three cases coming in daily, especially with children in preschool. Hygiene will forever be changed with the outbreak of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA.

The way that the bacteria is spread is through direct contact with someone or something that has the infection already. Once the person is infected it causes “redness, boils or pimple-like bumps on the skin…tenderness, swelling, sometimes a fever.” This infection can be treated with antibiotics if it is caught in the early stages. Sometimes the boils need to be drained of fluid and the antibiotics need to be increased. MRSA can be found anywhere on the body. In most cases in preschool it is usually found in the diaper area.

To help prevent more children from coming in contact with this infection workers are taking the appropriate measures.

“Our workers, wear gloves and wash their hands anytime they come in contact with any type of body fluids, from wiping noses to changing diapers,” one director has said. They have also washed toys and equipment daily and used a bleach solution to kill germs. Another way to prevent this is to constantly wash your hands with soap and warm water or using an anti-bacterial hand gel to get rid of any germs.

Although the outbreak of this infection has worried parents, Dr. J. Wiley states “It’s spread through direct contact…it’s not going to jump across the room on you.”

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